How do we map something ever changing? What happens when the boundaries recede or return?

Collaborative Exhibit with Linds Sander

WaterMaps is a collaborative exploration of place and history that reimagines glacial lake Missoula as a repository for calcium homes and wonder. Using encaustics, ceramics, wood, water, found maps, and poetry, this series asks viewers to interrogate the mythology of what an ancient lake might have held—and continues to hold—for inhabitants above and below the surface.


E3 Convergence Gallery—Missoula, MT (December 2017)

 Clark Chateau—Butte, MT (May/June 2018)


At E3 Convergence, 'Water Maps' imagines a fantastical history—(December 7, 2017)

New art exhibit combines maps and sea creatures to dazzling effect—(November 28, 2017)